Do you encourage simultaneous submissions?
We certainly do! We understand that as a writer who wishes to be published, you’d want to try your luck with multiple journals. However, if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know immediately. 

Can I submit multiple versions of the same story or poem?
No. If you do, only one will be considered. We suggest submitting one version at a time. If it is rejected, you are welcome to submit another version, and so on. 

Can I submit only one poem?
Of course! We do prefer a larger selection, but if you’d like to send in only one poem, go ahead!

What happens if I have submitted after the reading period is closed? 
Your submission will automatically be carried over for consideration in the next issue. This of course means a longer response time. If you wish to withdraw your submission in the meantime, for instance, if it is accepted elsewhere, please do let us know immediately. 

How soon will I hear back once I have submitted?
Our typical response period is 2-3 months after the call for the specific issue has ended. However, if your submission is carried over to the next issue, this would mean another extra three months. Please bear with us!

How do I withdraw my submission if it has been accepted elsewhere?
If you submitted via submittable, you can log into your submittable account and withdraw the work. We will receive a notification once you do so. If you emailed your submission, please reply to the same email letting us know that you wish to withdraw it. We strongly recommend doing this as soon as you’ve made the decision to withdraw. 

Can I submit a short story that is longer than 5000 words?
Preferably not. But we are open to making an exception if it’s a great story. 

I have recently published a new book. Can I approach nether for a review?
We don’t publish full length reviews. However, we have recently launched a “New in Poetry” section curated by Aswin Vijayan. Aswin selects 2 poems from the collection and writes a brief review accompanying the poems. If you have a new book of poems, published in the past 6 months, please write in to nether.submissions@gmail.com with “New in Poetry” in the subject line. Please specify that you possess, or have acquired the copyright from your publisher to reprint the poems in nether. We unfortunately do not consider fiction and non-fiction for this section. Please do not send us hard copies of the book without a query first.

I have published my work on my personal blog. Will you still consider it for publication in nether?
Unfortunately, we do not consider work that has appeared in your blog or any other publicly available platform. 

Can I publish my work that appeared in nether elsewhere?
Yes, as long as you specify that it first appeared in nether. Please bear in mind that re-publication also depends on the publishers/editors with whom you are publishing. Many journals do not accept work that has already appeared elsewhere. 

Do you consider translated work?
We do, as long as the work is previously unpublished. 

My work has already been featured in nether. Can I submit new work again?
You are welcome to submit again. However, whether we consider your work for the immediate issue, depends on the preference of our guest editor for the particular issue. Do check our ‘About/Submissions’ page for the exact call. If your work cannot be considered for the immediate issue, it will be carried forward for consideration in the next one, unless you withdraw your submission in the meantime.

Can I review a book for nether?
Unfortunately, we do not accept book reviews at this time. 

Do you provide feedback?
Unfortunately we cannot offer feedback for rejected or accepted work.

I edited my poem/story after submitting it. What should I do?
Please wait to hear from us. If we are accepting your work for the forthcoming issue, you can send us your edited version when we write to you, and we’ll be happy to take that under consideration. Alternatively, you can withdraw your current submission entirely and submit again. In case of a rejection, please feel free to send us the edited version, and we’ll take it into account depending on the reading period. 

Do you accept art work and photography?
No we do not accept open art and photography submissions at this time. If we do open the section in the future, we will update our website.

If you have any further questions, do email us at netherquarterly@gmail.com

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